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History-Making Apprentice Contest

Journal: Issue 1 - 2011

With the invaluable support of Local 1 Saskatchewan members, signatory contractors, Training Director Brian Adams, and IMI, the Executive Board of Local 1 SK took the history-making step of organizing the Local’s first apprentice contest – and with memorable results.

On September 24th, after considerable work and preparation, the skill and enthusiasm of three categories of young craftworkers – pre-apprentices, and first and second term apprentices – was on display at the Local’s new training facility in Regina.

The support and volunteer efforts provided by Local 1 members and industry partners, such as I•XL Brick, Stienhubl’s Masonry, and BFI/Gracom Masonry, helped produce what contest organizers expect to be the first of many successful competitions.

Shown here are Local 1 SK’s inaugural contestants. Back row, from left: first-term apprentice winner Zac Adams, Dustin Miller, and Fred Welder. Second row, from left: Brendan Simpson, second-term apprentice winner Pete Olver, pre-apptentice winner Kevin Inglis, and Alister Bird. Front row, from left: Shane Davis and Jameson Hawke. Not pictured is Steve Gagnon.

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