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1 Saskatchewan Trains for the Future

Journal: Issue 1 - 2012

Local 1 SK bricklayer Angela Lee, “the first Saskatchewan-trained woman bricklayer with the red seal,” says Apprentice Coordinator Brian Adams.

Last fall, students at the Carlton Comprehensive High School outside Regina, Saskatchewan began a semester-long introduction to the basics of masonry, courtesy of Local 1 Saskatchewan. Local 1 SK Apprentice Coordinator Brian Adams reports that students will not only receive credit, but utilized their training in participating in a local Habitat for Humanity project. Adams’ co-instructor was Angela Lee, the first woman member to complete her Local 1 SK apprenticeship training and become a journey-level bricklayer.

Area students ply their bricklaying skills at a Local 1 SK-IMI masonry skills class in Saskatoon.

In December, Local 1 SK and IMI conducted a basic masonry skills workshop for high school students at the Saksatoon Trades and Skills Centre.

Adams is confident that programs like those in Saskatoon and at Carlton High and other high schools across the province help foster a strong interest among some of the students to pursue a BAC career path as young adults.


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