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Local 1 Nova Scotia Hosts Marketing Training

Journal: Issue 1 - 2013

Local 1 NS officers and members who attended the recent marketing seminar included, from left, Darcy Howick, James Adams, Anthony Boudreau, guest speaker Mark Breslin, Gerald Urquhart, President James Moore, Kevin MacKinnon, and Trent Soholt of the Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council. Back row from left, Kristopher Conrad, Brian McAvoy, and Stephen Conrad.

Local 1 Nova Scotia hosted a training session for members in January featuring keynote speaker, construction labor-management expert Mark Breslin, who discussed new methods of recruiting and organizing in the unionized construction trades.

The renowned industry analyst, communicator and fourth generation construction professional  speaks to thousands of union members, leaders and contractors each year on the importance of "refreshing" past organizing practices with more market-oriented strategies that appeal to a both a younger workforce and today's contractors and the huge role that current rank and file members play in leading this effort.

Local 1 President James Moore couldn't agree more. "The future of unionized construction in Nova Scotia is in the hands of all of us to move it forward," says Moore. "Only if we understand our role in the industry will we be able to make a difference," he adds.

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