Canadian Congress Visits West Block Jobsite

Journal: Issue 1 - 2014

The agenda of the BAC Canadian Congress, which met October 10th in Ottawa, included both a jobsite visit to the West Block project to see firsthand the work of BAC Local 7 Canada members as well as the continuation of ongoing talks with representatives of the Bricklayers Allied Craft Union (BACU). At the invitation of Canadian Congress Co-Chair and Local 7 Business Manager Oliver Swan, BACU members joined BAC Congress delegates and IU officers on the jobsite, which Swan arranged in consultation with BAC signatory RJW-Gem Campbell Stonemasons Inc. and Canadian authorities. From left, BAC Local 1 AB Business Manager Alan Ramsay, BAC Secretary-Treasurer Henry Kramer, BAC Local 2 AB Business Manager Peter Homan, BACU Local 12 Business Manager Joe Plunkett, BAC Local 1 NS President James Moore, RJW-Gem Campbell Stonemasons Inc. Vice President Doug Watt, BAC Local 1 NL Business Manager John Leonard, Local 7 Canada member and shop steward Adam Drodge, BAC Regional Director of Canada Craig Strudwick, BAC Local 4 PQ Business Manager Jeannot Levasseur, BAC Local 8 NB Business Manager Gerald Reinders, Canadian Congress Co-Chair Oliver Swan, BAC Local 1 SK Business Manager Michael Weigl, RJW-Gem Campbell Stonemasons Inc. President Robert Watt, BAC Meetings Management Director Eamonn Burke, BACU President Kerry Wilson, BAC Local 6 ON Business Manager Mike Gagliano, and BAC Executive Vice President Tim Driscoll.



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