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Work in Muskrat Falls Continues

Journal: Issue 4 - 2016

BAC Local 1 Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) members working for signatory contractors Astaldi Canada (Montreal, QC), Pennecon Heavy Civil (St. John’s, NL), and Barnard Pennecon (Bozeman, MT) are a core part of the team constructing the Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Generation Facility on the lower Churchill River in Labrador. This multi-year project will keep up to 250 Local 1 NL members busy during the course of construction. Upon completion, the generating station will have the capacity to generate 824 megawatt (MW) of clean renewable power.

This project will require over 500,000 cubic meters of concrete that BAC Local 1 NL cement masons are responsible for finishing. BAC Cement Masons are also performing all of the sawing, cutting, chipping, bush hammering, sacking, rubbing, caulking and sealing required to complete finished concrete surfaces on the project. Additionally, BAC Local 1 NL has successfully defended the right to perform all grouting on the project that requires the use of masons’ tools, including pressure grouting.

“Local 1 NL Cement Masons have worked nearly a quarter million hours to date on this project, with more work to come over the next two years,” BAC Local 1 NL Business Manager John Leonard said. “Astaldi Corp., who has built numerous large-scale projects across the globe, is impressed with the work ethic and skills that BAC members have brought to the job. And just as importantly they appreciate that training and a strong safety culture are central to meeting the project’s health and safety performance expectations.”

The construction site of the Hydroelectric Generation Facility at Muskrat Falls, Labrador.


Spillway gate nears its completion.

From left, BAC Local 1 NL members Will Cabot, Alonzo Andrews, Randy Collins, Ted Burden, Marshall Bessey, Steve Anthony, Local 1 NL Business Manager John Leonard, Louise Butler, Shawn Percy, Ryan Eddy, and BAC Executive Vice President Tim Driscoll.

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