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Building Trades-Backed Bill C-4 Nears Passage

Journal: Issue 4 - 2016

Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) celebrated the passage of Bill C-4 through the House of Commons, repealing legislation from the prior session’s anti-union Bill C-377.

Bob Blakely, CBTU Chief Operating Officer, noted that, “this legislation reflects this government's understanding of the importance of the role that Unions play in the middle class workforce in Canada. We are pleased this was one of the first pieces of Government legislation introduced in the 42nd Parliament.”

BAC Canadian Regional Director Craig Strudwick said the passage of Bill C-4 “is an important step in the legislative process to ensure that CBTU can continue to represent the interests of skilled workers in Canada. BAC and other building trades unions are working together to help Bill C-4 pass through the Senate.”

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