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Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren Tours Local 3 Training Center

Journal: Issue 2 - 2012

Boston Globe

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren picks up a bricklaying tip from pre-apprentice Rodney Johnson during her tour of the Local 3 MA/ME/NH/RI training center in Dorchester, MA.

On April 27th, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts currently held by Scott Brown (R-MA), toured Local 3 Massachusetts/Maine/New Hampshire/Rhode Island's Apprentice Training Center in Dorchester, MA, where she discussed training opportunities with instructors and pre-apprentices. 

Warren observed the trainees during their craft-training sessions, consulted with them on jobsite safety issues, and even put on gloves to gain some hands-on work experience.   

"I'm a daughter of a maintenance man who has lived an American Dream. And the lesson I take from that is that great opportunities were forwarded to me. In this race right now, I am worried that these great opportunities are being taken away," Warren told reporters after the tour. "I wouldn't be in Washington to represent the millionaires and big corporations. I would be there to represent working families."

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