Local 3 California Life Member Manny Sears

Journal: Issue 1 - 2013

Retired Local 3 CA Field Representative Manny Sears.

When retired Local 3 CA Field Representative Manny Sears' last term as Vice Chair of Local 3 drew to a close in February, it capped more than 50 years of dedicated union service.

Brother Sears' formal union service dates all the way back to 1960, when as an official of the then Tile Marble Finishers & Shopmen Local 7 CA, he led a strike "for a mere two cents, which established the tile finishers pension fund," says Sears. Sears helped spearhead his Local's affiliation with former BAC Local 19 CA, then became a Business Agent for the finishers. He served many terms as a trustee for the Local's apprenticeship and training and pension funds, and takes special pride in his efforts to reduce the tile finishers retirement age from 65 to 60. He also proudly served as a delegate to "many International Union Conventions for the tile, marble, and shop workers and terrazzo finishers."

In Brother Sears own words, "I have spent a lifetime dedicated to the union cause, and my wife Beatrice stood with me through all the battles." 

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