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Michigan Building Trades Unions Call For Protection of Prevailing Wage Law

Journal: Issue 2 - 2016


Front row from left, BAC Local 2 MI Field Representatives Daryl Nichols, Brett Gierak, Jim Budd, Greg Lobodzinski, Vice Chairman Paul Dunford, and Secretary-Treasurer Nelson McMath, Secretary Treasurer of the National Building & Construction Trades Council Brent Booker, Local 2 MI President Chuck Kukawka, Local 2 MI Field Representative John Kleiber, Tim Ochalek, IUBAC Regional Representative Mike Hawthorne, and Local 2 MI Field Representative James Brylowski. Second row from left, MI Building Trades President Zane Walker, Secretary-Treasurer Pat Devlin, and Political Director Shorty Gleason.

Educating union members and the general public about the benefits of the prevailing wage law was the top priority at the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council's Legislative Conference held in Lansing on March 8-9th.

Last January alone, six bills were introduced in the Michigan Legislature that would repeal all or part of the Prevailing Wage Act of 1965, the law that mandates that construction workers on state-financed construction projects are paid fair, standardized wages and benefits. If a handful of state Republicans lawmakers in the state House (the GOP majority in the state Senate has already voted in favor of repealing prevailing wage) can be convinced to vote against repeal, then the repeal question would go onto a statewide ballot, perhaps in 2017.

Volunteers from the Michigan AFL-CIO and building trades unions are conducting phone banks and write-in campaigns, seeking help from union members to contact those GOP lawmakers to urge them to support prevailing wage.

"Everyone needs to know that the prevailing wage law benefits Michigan's economic and social structures and provides our working people with favorable wage packages, excellent healthcare, sound pension programs and fully funded training ," says Local 2 Michigan President Chuck Kukawka. "The law also allows for safety and training programs that are rigorous and hands-on. With prevailing wage in place, Michigan's skilled trades members can safely build the vital infrastructure our state needs with craftsmanship and quality."

The most effective way to protect Michigan workers is to contact your Representative and urge them to protect Michigan's prevailing wage law. To take action, visit: www.michiganprevails.com/take-action-letter.

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