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Local 5 Pennsylvania

New Trade and Transit Center Built for the Community

Journal: Issue 4 - 2016


Exterior of the Trade and Transit Center II building in construction.

Eight members of BAC Local 5 Pennsylvania employed by signatory masonry contractor Caretti Inc. (Camp Hill, PA) recently completed construction of the $12 million Trade and Transit Centre II, the newest addition to the River Valley Transit located in downtown Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The masonry veneer for this multi-story project featured 25,000 Glen Gery “Harding Blend” utility brick, approximately 3,000 ground face CMU, and cast stone banding and accent pieces from Custom Cast Stone of Westfield, Indiana. The interior of the project required an additional 15,500 CMU, including blockwork for interior stairwells and elevator shafts. The project is distinctively highlighted by the two brick murals sculpted by Sue Landerman of Portsmounth, Virginia (see pictures), which were installed to the artist’s specifications by the skilled craftworkers of BAC Local 5 PA.

The project, led by three BAC Local 5 PA bricklayers – Project Manager David McDonald, Project Superintendent Ken Marencic, and Foreman Tom Pearce – has generated considerable acclaim as part of Williamsport’s downtown revitalization effort. “It’s a beautiful brick building that adds charm to the downtown area,” Marencic said. “The detailed quality work on the two brick murals demonstrates that our members’ skills are second to none.”

BAC Local 5 PA President Lester Kauffman also praised the project, “This building is so much more than a transit center. It houses commercial space, a nonprofit music group, and an event center. We’re happy to be part of this effort in constructing a vibrant and attractive public space that will be fully used by the community.”

The 5’8’’ music-themed sculpture installed by BAC Local 5 bricklayers Chris Kirkner, left, and Ricky Barner.

The 8’8’’ sculpture rendering of “River Valley Transit” historic picture completed by BAC Local 5 bricklayers Chris Kirkner, left, and Ricky Barner.

Quality details on one of the brick murals (also shown on the Journal front cover).


Local 2 New York/Vermont

New York State Fairgrounds Performed Under Project Labor Agreement


The new front entrance with concrete columns built by skilled craftworkers of BAC Local 2 NY/VT.

Last September New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a $50 million renovation of the New York State Fairgrounds. The first phase of this project was performed under a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) that ensured the project was completed under budget and on time for this year’s Fair which welcomed a record 1.1 million visitors. The project featured extensive infrastructure improvements, restoration, and most prominently the construction of an elaborate gateway of grand masonry arches echoing the stateliness of the Fair’s original front entrance built in 1843.

Approximately 40 members of BAC Local 2 New York/Vermont employed by signatory contractors – Welliver McGuire Inc. (Montour Falls, NY), Lupini Construction Inc. (Utica, NY), J & A Plastering & Stucco (Syracuse, NY), and EJ Construction Group (Liverpool, NY) – worked on the impressive project. BAC Local 2 NY/VT Field Representative Martin Dillon says, “the project was a showcase for the diverse talents of BAC craftworkers, generating over 15,000 work hours for bricklayers, cement masons, plasterers and PCC restoration specialists.”

Acting State Fair Director Troy Waffner remarked that “The front gate is going to be like Disney's main gate or the castle at Disney. It's going to be where people get their pictures taken. You can look into the fairgrounds, have a nice backdrop. It really is going to be the spot where people get that good feeling before they walk through the arches.”

“We started rebuilding the entrance in March and completed it in August,” Dillon adds. “Our members’ high quality work proved again that PLAs are a tried and true way of building the nation’s infrastructure.”

As this Journal goes print, the State Legislature is under discussion to add another $50 million to further improve the State Fairgrounds with an extension of the PLA. Please stay tuned for more coverage in a future Journal.

New York State Fairgrounds gets an improved streetscape with quality work performed by BAC Local 2 NY/VT members.

BAC Local 2 NY/VT members Ernie Baum, left, and Mike Khan installing glass fiber reinforced concrete panels at the New York State Fairgrounds.

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