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Journal: Issue 4 - 2016


Editor's Note: BAC members understand that communities stay stronger when we look out for each other. They provide donations to those in need, utilize their knowledge and craft skills to build and restore, and celebrate the pride of being part of a larger community. The Journal is gratified to highlight a few of the recent volunteer activities undertaken by BAC members who are committed to “Giving BACk” to their communities and making a difference by changing and improving the lives of others.


Local 2 Michigan

BAC Local 2 Michigan Lends a Helping Hand to Flint Residents

From left, BAC Local 2 MI Field Representative Jim Ritchie, Ron Fredrick of St. Clair Shores City Council, Michigan State Representative Sarah Roberts (D-MI), retired BAC Local 2 MI Field Representative Pete Accica, IUPAT District Council 1M Director of Organizing Tony Parker, and Monsignor Michael Bugarin, Pastor of St. Joan of Arc Parish in St. Clair Shores.

Retired BAC Local 2 Michigan Field Representative Pete Accica has made several trips to Flint to deliver bottled water to the city residents. The Local has been working with the Michigan Building Trades Council, St. Joan of Arc Parish, and the Optimist Club in St. Clair Shores to raise funds and provide safe drinking water to the people of Flint. “It is a long-term effort. Residents of Flint started suffering from contaminated water with toxic levels of lead in April of 2014, and now they still need clean water to drink, cook and bathe,” said Brother Accica. Flint’s water crisis began after Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI)’s Emergency Manager Ed Kurtz switched the city’s water supply from the Detroit Water Department to the Flint River. The aging city infrastructure was among the problems causing the public health crisis.

BAC Local 2 MI Secretary-Treasurer Nelson McMath, Genesee County Commissioner and Local 2 MI Field Representative Mike Lynch, and Field Representatives Tim Ochalek, Jim Ritchie, Greg Lobodzinski, and Daryl Nichols also helped deliver water door to door.

Bottled water collected at St. Joan of Arc Parish in St. Clair Shores, Michigan before Brother Accica’s latest Flint trip.

Mike Lynch, Commissioner of Genesee County which includes Flint, said, “Just because we are not still on the national news, it doesn’t mean the residents of Flint don’t need major assistance! Nothing has been resolved yet.”

Chuck Kukawka, President of BAC Local 2 MI, said the residents of Flint not only need clean water, but also need water alters and sanitary wipes. “Donations that we have raised will be going to purchase these items as well as water. It will take a long time for the situation to be resolved, but we are committed to providing support,” Brother Kukawka said. Brother Accica just delivered a truckload of water this November. He said the water crisis is not resolved so we will still need to help. Your tax deductible donations can be made to the Optimist Club of SCS, 32120 Thorncrest, St. Clair Shores, MI 48082. Please mark the memo area of the check as FLINT WATER.

Retired BAC Local 2 MI Field Representative Pete Accica collects water for delivery.


Local 4 California

Local 4 California Members Join to Help City of Brawley Park

The foundation is in place and the brick walls are going up.

Members of the Imperial County Building and Construction Trades in California gathered in March to build public restrooms at Meserve Park in Brawley, CA.

“Brawley is located in the low desert with a significant cattle and feed industry and year-round agriculture. Kids don’t have much to do there so sports play an important role in keeping them out of trouble,” BAC Local 4 CA Field Representative Darryl Brandt said. “The park is primarily used for girls’ softball games but had no restrooms, therefore, the Brawley softball teams could not hold a softball tournament at the park and had to travel for games.”

“We are part of a community that supports each other. The city supplied the block and mortar, but they do not have the budget to build the rest rooms on their own, so we are glad we could help,” BAC Local 4 President Dick Whitney said. “Our apprentices volunteering on this project are graduates of IMI Job Corps. Their apprenticeship instructor, Pete Camarda, also joined the volunteer group.”

Volunteers from left, BAC Local 4 CA apprentices Francisco Salgado, Francisco Sarabia, Apprentice Coordinator Pete Camarda, and apprentice Jean Petion

BAC Local 4 CA Field Representatives Lupe Aldaco and Darryl Brandt donated a full work day to set up and lay out the project before it began. Apprentices Francisco Salgado, Jean Petion and Francisco Sarabia drove at least 2 hours each way every day to help out. They were able to complete their part of the project in two days. Other building trades unions who participated in this project were IBEW Local 569, Iron Workers Local 229, and OPCMIA Local 200.


Local 3 Massachusetts/Maine/New Hampshire/Rhode Island

Brick Laid at Iwo Jima Memorial Honor Veterans

Marine Corps League Commandant and BAC Local 3 MA/ME/NH/RI retiree Bruce Aldrich recognizes volunteers from the building trades on Memorial Day. From left, Brother Aldrich, Local 3 MA/ME/NH/RI Vice President and Organizer Jim Pimental and Carpenters Local 1305 Business Manager Ron Rheaume.

Bruce Aldrich, a 53-year member of BAC Local 3 MA/ME/NH/RI and Commandant of Marine Corps League in Somerset, MA, has been working with the area building trades members and the Greater Fall River Veterans War Council to rebuild and restore projects in Fall River, MA.The Iwo Jima Memorial at Bicentennial Park, dedicated on Veterans Day 2015, is one of them. The memorial features a statue that is an exact replica at one-third the size of the World War II Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington, D.C. The names of hundreds of veterans have been imprinted on brick and benches surrounding the memorial.

Each brick was sold at $50 by the Greater Fall River Veterans War Council. Donated brick were laid by our Local 3 members in the Boston area in honor of veterans dead and living,” Brother Aldrich said. “We received tremendous support from our city council, various community groups, and our building trades unions who generously donated materials and labor. Over 2,000 brick were installed around the memorial.”

Volunteers at the Iwo Jima Memorial on the waterfront of Fall River. Standing from left, BAC Local 3 MA/ME/NH/RI Field Representative Chris Medeiros, Marine Corps League member William Niewola, Marine Corps League Commandant and BAC Local 3 MA/ME/ NH/RI retiree Bruce Aldrich, and Marine Corps League members Ray Medeiros and Irvine Morley. Kneeling from left, BAC Local 3 MA/ ME/NH/RI Vice President and Organizer Jim Pimental, and retiree Manny Ramos.

I always felt honored and privileged to lay brick at the Memorial, including several pieces commemorating members of my own family who fought in World War II,” said Jim Pimental, BAC Local 3 MA/ME/NH/RI Vice President and Organizer. “The collaboration between our Union as well as the Carpenters and the Electricians proves that our building trades unions are always ready and willing to give back to our community.”

Volunteers from left, BAC Local 3 MA/ME/NH/ RI Vice President and Organizer Jim Pimental, Marine Corps League Commandant and BAC Local 3 MA/ME/NH/RI retiree Bruce Aldrich, Field Representative Chris Medeiros, and Marine Corps League member Rene Gagnon.


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