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BAC Local Leaders Meet With New York State Assembly Members

Journal: Issue 3 - 2017


As New York’s construction industry continues to boom, how to expand work opportunities for skilled craftworkers, improve workplace safety and combat misclassification and wage theft are top priorities for BAC Locals and members. BAC Local 2 New York/Vermont and Local 3 New York leaders met with state officials at the state Assembly in May to address these issues.

“We were honored to be recognized as BAC labor leaders on the floor of the Assembly by Democratic Majority leader Joseph Morelle and Assembly member Harry Bronson,” said Anthony DiPerna, BAC Local 3 New York President.

BAC Local 2 New York/Vermont President Pat Tirino believes that strengthening the relationship with government is beneficial for all. “We must work collaboratively with the government on labor issues in the construction industry. When labor and government work together to ensure and protect wage equality for hard working members, everyone benefits,” said Tirino.

Looking ahead, New York state lawmakers are expressing optimism that they’ll be working with BAC Local officers to advance legislation to protect the jobs and benefits of skilled craftworkers and ensure safe conditions for construction workers.

From left, BAC Local 3 New York Secretary-Treasurer Rick Williamson, New York State Assembly Democratic Majority leader Joseph Morelle, BAC Local 3 New York President Anthony DiPerna, Assembly Member Harry Bronson, BAC Local 2 New York/Vermont Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Potter and President Pat Tirino.

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