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Public School Construction Presents Opportunities for BAC

Journal: Issue 4 - 2017


School facilities represent the second largest sector of public infrastructure spending after highways. According to the State of Our Schools report, school districts should be spending at least $77 billion per year to ensure healthy, safe, and efficient facilities and an additional $10 billion a year to meet 80% of the projected enrollment growth.

Federal school facilities proposals were introduced in 115th Congress including H.R. 2475 Rebuild America's Schools Act of 2017 to support the long-term improvement of public school facilities and S. 1674 School Building Improvement Act of 2017 to provide grants for the repair, renovation, and construction of public elementary schools and secondary schools, and to establish a school infrastructure bond program.

"I think we have a unique opportunity to increase and stabilize school construction funding," said Mary Filardo, Executive Director of the 21st Century School Fund, a Washington D.C.-based organization that is dedicated to building the public will and capacity to modernize public school infrastructure. "We need to communicate with state and federal representatives about our communities and the benefits modern school facilities bring to families, the economy and education. We should also bring information to and engage working men and women in the issue of adequate, stable, and equitable funding for public school modernization and construction."

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