Health Care Reform

Protecting Health Care Reform

After working closely with an extensive network of labor organizations and advocacy groups, we have secured the best possible health reform legislation for BAC members and the country. The work continues as federal agencies formulate the regulations on just how the Affordable Health Care Act will be implemented and enforced.

Passage of the Affordable Health Care Act in 2010 reflects BAC’s commitment to exploring bi-partisan cooperation that not only results in real solutions for working people and millions and of Americans but also helps control costs, grow the economy and make the U.S. more competitive.

While reasonable mid-course corrections may be warranted, divisive partisan efforts to repeal the Act and give control of our health care back to the insurance companies are misguided and wrong. We cannot afford to add another trillion dollars in debt to appease corporate interests and ideologues. To learn more about “The Price of Repealing the Affordable Care Act” and access other fact sheets, including state-by-state information, go to the website,

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