BAC Job Network

The BAC Job Network is now available via the Member Portal. The newly revamped Job Network is a bulletin board-style system that allows Locals and ADCs to post job opportunities when there is a lack of craftworkers in their respective areas. Each job posting includes information about the project location, what type of craftworker (e.g. bricklayer, tile setter, etc.) or specialty (e.g. refractory) is needed, how many craftworkers are needed, the total wage and benefit package, whether or not travel pay or a per diem will be provided, and the contact information for the area BAC representative.

In addition, members who do travel for work can utilize the Member Portal to electronically check-in with the area Local or ADC. Members are strongly encouraged to use this important tool both to satisfy the requirements for travelers outlined in the IU Constitution Code 4 Section 1(B) and to facilitate the reciprocation of benefit funds.

BAC Member Portal

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