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BAC Member Services offers members discounts directly through participating companies. To take advantage of these services or obtain a reference code, call BAC Member Services at 1-888-880-8BAC Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 4:45pm EST or email BAC members can receive discounts and services on the following:



Child Identification Program NEW

BAC is teaming up with the National Child Identification Program to provide the Child ID Kit to our members in the U.S. and Canada to help make sure our families and communities are as safe as possible.

The Child ID Kit allows parents to collect specific information by easily recording the physical characteristics and fingerprints of their children on identification cards that are then kept at home by the parent or guardian. If ever needed, the Child ID Kit will give authorities vital information to assist their efforts to locate a missing child. Having your child or grandchild's fingerprints and DNA on hand before tragedy strikes will dramatically improve the chances that she or he can be located and safely returned.

For more information, please contact the IU at 202.383.3934.                



Union Plus Benefits & Discounts

Union Plus Credit Card

The AFL-CIO created Union Privilege in 1986 to provide union members and their families with valuable consumer benefits. With Union Plus benefits, your union membership "pays" at work and at home. BAC members can receive discounts and services on the following:


Free Membership for U.S. and Canadian Members

Do you share a passion for the outdoors and want to conserve places to hunt and fish, both now and for future generations? As a longtime supporter of USA's mission to expand and improve access to wildlife habitats, BAC became a USA Charter Union in August 2012, entitling BAC members to join USA absolutely free. With free USA membership, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

How to join: Go to – under "Membership Level," be sure to select "Free Charter Partner Membership." Complete and submit the rest of the form and you're a USA member.


Union Labor Life Insurance Company: Supplemental Life, Accident and Hospital Insurance

As a BAC member, you work hard to help improve the lives in your community to create a future of opportunity. Shouldn’t your insurance help you cope with the uncertainties of your future? With The Union Labor Life Insurance Company, BAC members, retirees and their families can receive added financial security and valuable coverage with flexible supplemental insurance. 

Benefits include:

Click here to learn more or call 1-888-292-7749, M – F, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.  

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