Silica Exposure

Physician's Silicosis Alert

Proper Diagnosis is Key:



Each year many cases of silicosis are misdiagnosed because physicians are unaware of their patient’s work history and unfamiliar with the signs associated with this occupational illness. As a result these cases go unreported. Without proper diagnosis and reporting, workers cannot receive suitable medical treatment and advice.

The physician’s alert entitled “What Physicians Need to Know about Silicosis in Construction, Demolition and Renovation Workers” was developed to help ensure that all construction workers at risk of developing silicosis are properly diagnosed, and that cases of silicosis are documented and reported to the appropriate state health agencies.The IU now has this alert available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish and Italian. Choose your language from the drop-down menu at the right. To receive a copy in English click here or call the IU at (202) 383-3934.



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