Working During COVID-19 - Submit Your Videos and Photos

Despite the pandemic, BAC members are continuing to build communities across much of North America - and we want to see how you're doing it. Please submit video and photos showing how you and your fellow members are working safely during the crisis, using the guide below, and we may feature your submission on the union website, on social media, or even at the IU Convention this fall. Let's show the world how union craftworkers persevere through unexpected and extreme conditions.


For ALL Video and Photos taken by Members and Union Representatives:

  • Safety Gear / PPE 

    • All working members in the photos and videos must have their safety gear/PPE on. Typical safety gear includes safety glasses, hardhats, gloves, knee pads, noise control headphones, etc. 
    • Please highlight additional safety measures unique to the current COVID-19 situation, like handwashing stations, social distancing, posted reminders, face masks, protective gear, and sanitizing materials if present.
  • General Advice

    • Videos should be shot in landscape, not portrait mode. (That means your phone should be sideways, not up-and-down, when filming.)
    • Please narrate your video! 
      • Introduce yourself and your fellow members, tell us your Local or ADC, and tell us where the job is and what it is you're building.
      • Talk about the steps you, your fellow members, the union, and your contractor have taken to work safely during COVID-19.
      • Speak loudly and clearly, particularly if there's a lot of jobsite noise.
    • Comply with the social distancing guidelines on the jobsite while capturing work photos and videos.
    • If possible, highlight membership diversity - women members, minorities, apprentices, etc.
    • Videos should not be longer than 2 minutes per clip.
    • Capture multiple establishing shots of the whole project at a variety of angles is recommended. Use the time-lapse option if you have it. Place your phone in a safe place and record the time lapse for a few minutes. The more movement in a frame, the more interesting the final video
    • Interior shots must be well lit. They need to show details of our members’ work. If the project covers multi-crafts, your photos also shall feature various crafts that our members work on. 

For Union Representatives

  • Make sure nonunion jobsites comply.

    • If possible, safely film nonunion jobsites that are not in compliance with construction halt orders.


  • Method #1:
  • Method #2:
    • You can also upload your photos or videos by completing the webform below. 

*I understand and agree that all photos and/or videos will become the property of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (IUBAC). By submitting the photo(s) and/or video(s), I hereby grant the IUBAC permission to use and modify photos, videos, or other digital media in any and all of its print and online publications and events, without payment or other consideration. 

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