BAC Canada

BAC became an international union in 1881 with the admittance of locals representing workers from Hamilton and Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

The BAC Canadian Congress was established by the IU Convention in September 2000 to give Canadian members a stronger voice in Union affairs. Congress delegates, who are principal officers of BAC Local Unions across Canada, deliberate at meetings, presided over by the IU President and the Canadian Congress Co-Chair, a delegate elected by the body for a five-year term.

Canadian Congress Co-Chairs

James Boland -President, International Union
Oliver Swan - Local 7 CN


Mike Gagliano - Local 6 ON
Clarence Gallant - Local 1 PE
Geoff Higginson – Local 2 BC
Evan Collingridge - Local 1 MB
John Leonard - Local 1 NL
Jeannot Levasseur - Local 4 QC
James Moore - Local 1 NS
Alan Ramsay - Local 1 AB
Gerald Reinders - Local 8 NB
Mike Weigl - Local 1 SK

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