Our Union give a unified voice for members by advocating for legislation and regulations that keep us safer, healthier, and enjoying a higher quality of life. Learn more about the issues that affect your wages, our economic recovery, and how to make your voice heard.


Stay informed about the issues that matter to our members and families:

Project Labor Agreements

PLAs control costs and reduce uncertainties and delays on large scale projects. They benefit communities, owners, employers and workers. Why then the push to challenge PLAs?

Right to Work For Less

Efforts to enact so-called Right to Work laws in more than a dozen states are union-busting, plain and simple. How can we push back?

Wage Theft

Misclassifying employees as “independent contractors” cheats workers, honest employers, and governments. Help stop it!

Prevailing Wage

The federal Davis-Bacon Act and state and local prevailing wage laws protect workers’ wages from being undercut by unscrupulous contractors, making these laws a prime target for low-road employers.


Call now and ask your representative to support working people by voting for the PRO Act: 888-848-4824

Rebuild America’s Schools Act (RASA)

The Rebuild America's Schools Act provides much needed investment to address our urgent school infrastructure needs. It will stimulate the economy and create nearly 2 million good-paying jobs.