BAC Craft Awards

Since 1986 the BAC Craft Awards Program has saluted Local Unions and workers for excellence in the trowel trades and distinguished service to their Local Unions and communities. 

As the best-trained, mostly highly skilled masonry workers in North America, BAC members take great pride in the enduring quality, endless variety and beauty of masonry construction. The BAC Craft Awards share that sense of pride and accomplishment with BAC families, our communities, and with the Union contractors and design professionals with whom we work.

2017 BAC Craft Awards

Best Stone Project

Best Marble Project

Best Brick and Stone Project 

Outstanding Local/ADC Officer Award 

Best Brick Project 

Best Tile Project

Best Restoration/Rehabilitation/Maintenance Project (Canada)

Best Restoration/Rehabilitation/Maintenance Project (U.S.)

John B. Scola Outstanding Instructor Award

Best Refractory Award

Most Innovative Use of Masonry 

Outstanding BAC Craftsmanship 

Best Plaster Project 

Best Terrazzo Project

The BAC Code of Conduct Award

Best CMU Project

Best Precast Project

Outstanding Public Service by a Local/ADC

Best Hardscape Project

Best Rainscreen Project

Outstanding Union Service by an Individual

Best Comprehensive Restoration Project 


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