BAC’s Executive Board is elected by the delegates to the International Union’s Convention, which is held once every five years.

The Executive Board

consists of:

Timothy J. Driscoll

Robert Arnold

Executive Vice President
Jeremiah Sullivan, Jr. 



BAC's Executive Council, the Union's highest advisory body, is made up of the Executive Board, IU Regional Directors, Regional Vice Presidents from BAC's five Regions in the U.S. and Canada, the Canadian Congress Co-Chair, Craft Vice Presidents, and At-Large Members. The Executive Council meets twice a year to consider issues affecting the Union, the organized masonry industry, and the well-being of members in both nations.

Regional Directors

Albert Catalano, Northeast Region, U.S.

Ed Navarro, South Region, U.S. 

Jeremy Rivas, North Central Region, U.S.

Raymond Keen, West Region, U.S.

Craig Strudwick, Canada

Regional Vice Presidents


Jack Argila, Local 1 NY

John Capo, NJ ADC

Scott Garvin, Local 1 MD/VA/DC

Dennis Pagliotti, Local 1 PA/DE

Chuck Raso, Jr., Local 3 MA/ME/NH/RI

Norman Ringer, Jr., Local 9 PA

Pat Tirino, Local 2 NY/VT


David Frangione, Local 5 OK/AR/TX

Glenn Kelly, Local 8 SE


Steve Knowles, Local 4 IN/KY

Doug Schroeder, Local 1 MN/ND/SD

Dustin Himes, Local 15 MO/KS/NE

Leroy Hunter, Jr., WV ADC

Brian Jennewein, E. MO ADC

Ken Kudela, OH-KY ADC

Paul Dunford, Local 2 MI

Mike Volpentesta, ADC 1 of IL 


Lupe Aldaco, Jr., Local 4 CA

Matt Eleazer, Local 1 OR/WA/ID/MT

Troy Garland, Local 3 CA


Evan Collingridge, Local 1 Manitoba

*John Leonard, Local 1 Newfoundland

Jeannot Levasseur, Local 4 Quebec

Canadian Congress Co-Chair

John Leonard, Local 1 Newfoundland

Craft Vice Presidents

Marble Masons

Rich Crawford, Local 13 NV


Larry Crovatto, Local 1 NY


Bill Hill, Local 7 NY/NJ

Stone Masons

Lester Kauffman III, Local 5 PA

Craft Support Work

Cesar Torres, Local 15 Missouri/Kansas/Nebraska


Mel Silva, Local 1 HI


Richard Williamson, Local 3 NY

Cement Finishers

James Vick, WI ADC


At Large Members

Hector Arellano, ADC 1 of IL

Kristine Azzoli, Local 1 New York

Liliana Calderon, ADC 1 of IL

Glenn Head, Local 4 IN/KY

Angela Henderson, Local 1 WA/AK

Gerry Marotti, Local 1 CT

Charles Raso, Local 3 Massachusetts/Maine/New Hampshire/Rhode Island

David Tafoya, Local 3 California