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Contractors FAQ

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How can you help me get more work?

Industry Outreach and Education

IMI’s team of industry experts educates architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals on how to effectively design and build with masonry and tile. We help union contractors employing BAC craftworkers get more work by advocating their skills and expertise.

Project Tracking

IMI identifies and tracks potential work opportunities of all sizes and scopes for union contractors. Our technical staff gets buy-in from owners, developers, designers, and other AEC professionals to use union masonry and tile.

Plan and Specification Review and Troubleshooting

If union contractors are bidding a project, IMI can assist with plan and specification review. And if they’re already on a job, they can call on IMI to help find solutions to tough jobsite problems.

Contractor Skills-Development

Whether just starting out or in business for years, IMI’s Contractor College is designed to give contractors and their employees a competitive edge in the marketplace by improving skills in estimating/bidding strategies, project management, and cost control/analysis. Courses also keep participants up-to-date on new technologies, products, and systems, and changes to codes and standards.

Certification and Upgrade Programs

IMI’s certificate and certification programs improve union contractors’ expertise in areas like historic masonry preservation, grout and reinforced masonry, advanced tile installation, foreman/supervisory skills, rainscreen systems, and more. Our sister organization, IMTEF, trains BAC craftworkers to meet the certificate and certification requirements. IMI’s model specification language makes it easy for designers to include these certificates and certifications in project labor requirements, giving signatory contractors an advantage when bidding projects.

Building Codes and Standards

Working in leadership roles to influence building codes and standards for every trowel trade, IMI improves construction efficiencies, creating more job opportunities for union masonry and tile contractors.

Research and Development

IMI’s research and development programs keep you at the forefront of the masonry industry and help you meet new challenges in the evolving construction field. We also work to improve the built environment, focusing on energy efficiency, structural masonry, seismic design, and new product and system research.

Collaborative Learning Opportunities

Nationally-recognized programs like IMI’s Masonry Camp introduce architects and engineers to the benefits of union labor by pairing them with BAC craftworkers for hands-on and collaborative learning.

Do you provide custom training for specialty projects?

IMTEF can provide or can assist local JATCs to provide customized training to help union contractors win and/or train for specialized jobs and meet local market needs.

What about new product training and certifications?

IMTEF continually updates training and certification programs so that BAC craftworkers can quickly learn proper installation techniques as new products, systems and installation techniques enter the market. IMTEF also trains to our sister organization, IMI’s, certificate and certification programs, including historic masonry preservation, grout and reinforced masonry, advanced tile installation, foreman/supervisory skills, and rainscreen systems.

BAC Regions & Locals

BAC membership is represented by Locals and Administrative District Councils (ADCs) in five regions – Northeast, North Central, South, West, and Canada.

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