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BAC 2020 Convention Passes Three Resolutions

2020 Issue 3
News in Brief

Delegates to BAC’s 85th Convention recognized that the deliberation and other attendant business of Convention Committees were not well suited to the online format. Consequently, delegates kept resolutions to a minimum until the next opportunity to convene in person.  However, the Convention did recognize the need to both honor our legacy while addressing the most immediate challenges. The following Resolutions summarized here were adopted by the delegates to the BAC 2020 Convention. 

Resolution No. 1 - The 2020 Convention recognized and expressed its appreciation for the many years of service and exemplary leadership of those Executive Board members that retired since our last Convention in 2015 – former President James J. Boland, former Secretary Treasurer Henry F. Kramer, and former Executive Vice President Jerry Scarano.  

The Convention extends them their best wishes for a happy and well-deserved retirement. 

Resolution 2 – The 2020 Convention also recognized and extended its grateful appreciation for the distinguished service rendered to our Union by the following International Union officers and staff that have deceased since our 2015 Convention: Thomas J. “Tom” McIntyre, Regional Vice President; Alfred A. “Al” DiRienzo, Regional Director; William J. “Bill” Ruff, National  Refractory Director; James J. “Joe” McGovern, National Refractory Director; Merlin L. Taylor, Special Assistant for Apprenticeship & Training; Joseph E. “Joe” Stewart, PCC Craft Director; George L. Shuman, Assistant to the Executive Vice President; Gerald “Gerry” Hendry, Canadian Regional Director; and Patricia L. “Patsy” Rowan, Executive Board Secretary. 

The memories of these gifted servants of BAC will remain alive in the hearts and minds of the delegates to this 2020 Convention. 

Resolution 3 – The BAC 2020 Convention strongly encourages BAC Local Unions and ADCs continue to promote the highest levels of safety and health for BAC craftworkers and improved cleanliness and professionalism of jobsites, both during and after the global pandemic. 

The BAC Convention recognizes how critical communication is to BAC’s ability to build the community of unionism, and accordingly urges our affiliates to use all digital tools available to maintain and expand our communication with members, contractors, government, and non-union tradespeople during the pandemic and after its conclusion. 

The BAC Convention urges all affiliates to prepare for new and different delivery models and changes to the very nature of the worksite; to coordinate with signatory contractors and industry partners in pursuit of resulting work opportunities; and with IMTEF, to provide the necessary training and support for contractors and craftworkers to assert jurisdiction over new technologies and systems. 

The BAC Convention reaffirms that climate change is a significant issue of our time, and that together with our industry partners, BAC must be proactive in shaping climate-safe policy, encouraging greener production of our materials, and promoting masonry’s contributions to a cleaner and sustainable built environment.

The BAC 2020 Convention condemns the evil of racism, and calls on all BAC affiliates, and all BAC members, to strengthen our efforts to root out and defeat racism in all its ugly forms.

The BAC 2020 Convention recognizes that as workers we deserve, and must reclaim, our fair share of control over the rules of our economy. We must reassert the right to organize and bargain for fair wages and benefits and ensure that workers have a voice on critically important jobsite issues such as safety. And that we support candidates aligned with our goals. Accordingly, the BAC 2020 Convention calls on the International Union, and all US BAC affiliates, to work to ensure that Joe Biden is elected as the 46th President of the United States of America.