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BAC Convenes the Executive Council Meeting in Chicago

2022 Issue 1
News in Brief

Thanks to vaccines and public health measures, the BAC Executive Council convened the first face-to-face meeting  since the start of the Covid pandemic in Chicago on October 3–5, 2021.

Driscoll at EC meeting Chicago
BAC President Tim Driscoll addressed to the Executive Council in Chicago.

In his opening remarks, BAC President Tim Driscoll underlined the union’s role to “remain the preeminent source for skilled craftworkers, to inspire the unorganized, both workers and contractors to achieve a higher standard on the job, in their homes, and in their community, to engage the public on the benefits of union labor and the costs that unbridled competition on the backs of worker represents, and to work actively with industry partners to advance the role of our trades in an evolving construction industry.”

Chicago Panel
A panel of industry experts discussed economic and environmental impact of building design and materials. From left, Dr. Randolph Kirchain, Co-Director of MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub; Christine Subasic, Consulting Architectural Engineer and Owner of C. Callista Subasic; Roy Ingraffia, National Director of Industry Development at IMI; and Nick Lang, Vice President of Business Development at National Concrete Masonry Association.

The Council welcomed a line of inspiring guest speakers, including Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker (D), U.S. Representative Bill Foster (D-IL), President of Canadian Labour Congress Bea Bruske, and economist Stephanie Kelton. Members of the Council also heard reports from BAC departments, organizing updates from Locals/ADCs, and industry development trends.

In addition, a panel of industry experts addressed the economic and environmental impact of building design and material, challenges of meeting sustainability goals in construction, and how BAC trades can take up these challenges in future work opportunities. Speakers emphasized the importance of building partnerships between construction trades and material producers in influencing decision makers to present masonry as a complete solution from a sustainability perspective. It was suggested that engaging in community conversations and advocating for newer building codes on the local level would also help projects built better and provide job opportunities for BAC craftworkers.

Gov JB Pritzker
Governor J.B. Pritzker told the Council members that he was proud to join BAC in Chicago as we continue our steadfast commitment to lift up workers in Illinois and around the nation. “America’s unions don’t break, and they don’t run from a fight. When labor succeeds, America succeeds,” he said.

Recognizing the serious health threat that the COVID-19 virus poses, the BAC Executive Council unanimously passed a new resolution to endorse a series of safety and health measures for members and encourage all District Council and Local Unions to follow the IU’s example on how to best protect ourselves, our members, and our communities.