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BAC Delegates Attend LCLAA 23rd Convention

2021 Issue 3
News in Brief
LCLAA 23rd

BAC delegates to the 23rd convention of LCLAA. From left, Raul Zamarron of Local 2 Michigan, BAC Executive Vice President Carlos Aquin, Eduardo Zavala, Jacob Gonzalez, and Richard Crawford of Mountain West ADC, Juan Tapia of Local 1 Washington/Alaska, Karina Jaramillo of Local 5 Oklahoma/Arkansas/Texas, Hector Arellano of ADC 1 of Illinois, Cesar Torres of Local 15 Missouri/Kansas/Nebraska, Juan Cuellar of ADC 1 of Illinois, Jairo Cabrera of Ohio-Kentucky ADC, BAC Field Representative Mark Davis, Arnaldo Martinez and Esteban Carrion of Local 1 New York, and BAC Political Director Jean-Paul Itz. From left, BAC Local 4 NJ President Ken Simone, ADC of NJ Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Duncan, BAC President Tim Driscoll, Director of ADC of NJ John Capo, and Local 5 NJ President Leon Jones.

Led by BAC Executive Vice President Carlos Aquin, a group of delegates representing BAC attended the 23rd convention of Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) held in Las Vegas, August 4–6.

The convention outlined the issues most important to Latino workers, including an equitable pandemic recovery, sweeping and fair immigration reform, solidarity with brothers and sisters in Latin America, and the importance of organizing to grow the labor movement. Delegates approved resolutions supporting “a fair and just Puerto Rico,” the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Restoration Act.

“Working together with LCLAA, we champion better policies for all working families,” Aquin said. “Like LCLAA, our members at BAC come from every walk of life. Our diversity makes our Union stronger. We will continue to deepen our commitment to building and retaining a diverse and inclusive membership with world-class training and skills to succeed.”