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BAC Local Leader Participates in Celebrating Black History Month

2021 Issue 1
News in Brief

Glenn kelly webinarBAC Local 8 Southeast President Glenn Kelly joined the United Way Worldwide Labor Engagement team, AFL-CIO, and other labor partners for a panel discussion on Feb. 24. Moderated by Labor Heritage Foundation Executive Director Elise Bryant, the panelists shared their experiences as black professionals in the labor movement, including challenges, opportunities and the importance of inclusion.

Brother Kelly says he’s grateful for what the Union apprenticeship and training programs have offered him. “I was able to learn the trades skills through our union apprenticeship program. Training is the key to succeed in the industry. At BAC, we are tearing down many barriers for many to get in.”

For example, prospective members can join BAC without a high school diploma or GED. “When you work hard and play by the rules, you can live decent lives with good benefits,” says Kelly, who joined BAC right after graduating from high school in 2009 and was elected president of Local 8 SE in 2018.

While there are many challenges for young and black communities, Brother Kelly believes the evolution of the labor movement will continue to transform challenges into opportunities. “At our Local, we are carrying on conversations with members and contractors on diversity, equity and inclusion issues, implementing programs that focus on minority groups, reaching out to communities that we don’t always do, and making real changes in working people’s lives.”