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BAC Sav-Rx Advantage Plan Helps BAC Members Save Thousands

2020 Issue 4
International Funds

COVID-19 has been hard on everyone, leaving a swath of hardship in its wake. To help give you some relief, President Tim Driscoll has introduced the BAC Sav-Rx Advantage Plan. Exclusively for BAC Members, the new discount prescription program provides the lowest price at the pharmacy. While discounts vary by pharmacy and medication, participants typically save from 15% to 60% at their local retail pharmacies and 30% to 70% at the Sav-Rx Mail Order Pharmacy.

Announced and implemented in July and August, respectively, the plan already is helping Members rack up the savings. In the first three months, 2,000-plus BAC members have saved more than $31,000. That number is expected to increase as more Members access the program.

While BAC Sav-Rx is not an insurance plan, it helps reduce the cost of prescriptions for active members who may not qualify for health benefits through a local health and welfare plan. It also helps retirees who do not qualify for Medicare Part D. In addition, the program is available to Members eligible for prescription coverage through their local health and welfare plan, but who want to purchase prescriptions not covered by those plans.

To access the Plan’s savings, members simply present their Sav-Rx Advantage Discount Drug Cards at participating retail pharmacies or have their prescriptions filled through the Sav-Rx Mail Order Pharmacy. Sav-Rx Advantage Discount Cards are accepted at most major chains, with more than 72,000 participating pharmacies in the network.

To locate a participating pharmacy near you, visit, enter the group on your ID card and your zip code. To request a new or replacement card, call Sav-Rx at 866-91BRICK (866-912-7425).

For even more savings, BAC members are invited to try the Sav-Rx Mail Order Pharmacy for medications prescribed for 31 days or more. To utilize the Sav-Rx Mail Order Pharmacy, ask your medical provider to submit your Sav-Rx prescriptions via electronic prescription.

Refills are just as easy. Simply request your refills by phone 866-91BRICK (866-912-7425), login at, or visit your Sav-Rx mobile app (find us on the Apple Store and Google Play).

Delivering BAC Members Quality Health Benefits While Reducing Cost

The International Health Fund (IHF) is pleased to welcome new members from WI Heavy and Highway, Local 8 IL, Lake Charles of LA and Local 5 PA. Even during these unprecedented times, IHF has grown fivefold in both membership and revenues since 2011, with more than 10,000 participating members and their families across 41 states. With a nationwide footprint and larger presence, IHF is able to serve members with best quality benefits and features and is honored to deliver the healthcare benefits BAC members and families need and deserve.

Staying Healthy with BAC Cares

IHF conducted its first Virtual Health Fair in St. Louis. Members participated in the biometric screenings through kits sent personally to their homes. The fair also included raffle prizes and member presentations. Keep checking your Local for more information on upcoming Virtual Health Fairs. Remember, you can get your free flu shot through Sav Rx at any pharmacy or primary care physician.

IHF Benefits at $0 Copay

While COVID-19 has put a strain on our country, IHF continues to help reduce the strain on your wallets. BAC Cares Wellness initiatives include free telemedicine, $0 copay for advanced imaging at free-standing facilities, and $0 copay preventative generic drug lists that help save copayments, coinsurance and deductibles.

New for 2021 is outpatient surgery at $0 cost to the Member if the surgery is performed at an in-network, free-standing facility (not in a hospital setting). This option may be a lower cost alternative. Be sure to consult with your doctor about where the procedure can be performed. They may also be able to recommend an in-network facility.

For more assistance, you can search for a freestanding surgical facility on®. Choose a facility that is marked as “Freestanding Facility.” In addition, you can call IHF for assistance at 888-880-8222.

Access the Sav-Rx Advantage Plan today

For more information on the BAC Sav-Rx Advantage Plan, call 866-91-BRICK (866-912-7425). There will be a live Union Member on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.