BAC Journal > BAC SAVE Annuity Posts 14.43% Return for 2019, Adding New Participating Locals

BAC SAVE Annuity Posts 14.43% Return for 2019, Adding New Participating Locals

2020 Issue 4
International Funds

The assets of the BAC SAVE RSP annuity now totals more than $180 million and covers 20,000 participants in 34 Local Unions. New participating jurisdictions include the Local 47 Chapter of Local 5 Pennsylvania; Locals 3, 7 and 44 Ohio; the Local 6 Tennessee Chapter of Local 8 Southeast, and the Local 6 Colorado Tile Chapter.

In addition to financial hardship and inactive benefits withdrawals, participants wishing to receive a distribution from their accounts can receive several payment options, including joint and survivor, single life annuities, monthly installments, lump sums and rollover options at retirement.

The RSPs moderately conservative investment policy has approximately 45% of Plan assets held in high quality fixed income securities, 40% in equity investments and 15% in pooled real estate funds such as the AFL-CIO Housing and Building Investment Trusts. The annuity’s 2019 annual yield was 14.43%, with an average annual yield since inception at 6.16%.

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