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BAC Supports Biden’s Build Back Better Plan to Increase Skilled Trades Jobs

2020 Issue 2
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Tom Ward giving tour
BAC Apprentice Coordinator Tom Ward giving a virtual tour of the Warren training center to Jill Biden and Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI).

BAC Local 2 Michigan welcomed Jill Biden and Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) to a virtual visit of its training center in Warren, MI on July 17. Apprentices at the facility wore face coverings in observance of Gov. Whitmer’s executive orders and were separated to ensure social distancing. 

Jill Biden said providing training resources for skilled trades jobs is a critical part of Vice President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan to invest in apprenticeship training and rebuild the U.S. economy, which has begun a slow path to recovery after being racked by the pandemic.  

“What’s going on in training facilities like this, that’s how you change lives. That’s how you rebuild our country. That is how you rebuild the middle class and give people paths to prosperity,” Gov. Whitmer said.

Tom Ward, BAC Apprentice Coordinator for the Warren training center, said during the virtual tour that connecting recent high school graduates with good-paying trade jobs is critical to Michigan’s manufacturing and construction industries. Students at the facility demonstrated some of the skills they’ve learned while pursuing free apprenticeship training.  

Build Back Better
BAC Local 2 MI apprentices, including Damari Covington-Woods, Logan Funk, and Charisma Carlisle, sharing their stories about how they discovered their trade and learned how Vice President Joe Biden’s plan will create millions of good-paying jobs. 

“Vice President Biden recognizes the values of unions to their communities and our workforce, understands that quality apprenticeship training provides careers, healthcare and pension benefits to our hardworking craftworkers and their families,” said Chuck Kukawka, President of BAC Local 2 MI. “Even though we are in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic, we still have a great demand for more apprentices, and we continue to train our members. Our Union looks forward to a Biden administration bringing forward a $1 trillion infrastructure program.”