BAC Journal > Best Built Plans: Preventing Injury & Improving Productivity by Improving Materials Handling on Job Sites

Best Built Plans: Preventing Injury & Improving Productivity by Improving Materials Handling on Job Sites

2019 Issue 2
Safety & Health


CPWR and the Masonry r2p Partnership are tackling preventing strain and sprain injuries in a number of different ways.  In addition to the website and the new SAVE program, the Best Built Plans program provides a series of practical tools to help contractors plan for safe and productive material handling from the bid to completion of a project, and training and coaching resources that can be used by trainers and workers on and off the job to reinforce safe practices.   First written about in the Issue 2 of 2018 BAC Journal, the program has received several updates over the last year based on user input, including: 

  • Creating an App version of the program for use on iPads/iPhones/Tablets and Android devices to make it easy to access the program from the jobsite or on the road.
  • Translating the contractor planning tool and related training resources into Spanish.
  • Developing a short video on how the planning resources can be used with a project.
  • And a new comprehensive Ergonomics Training program that incorporates the program’s resources and makes the connection the importance of preventing injuries and pain up front to preventing addiction risks in the future.  Recognizing that everyone has a role to play, this new program, which is currently in development, includes a training program for workers, a train-the-trainer program, and a program for contractors.

Find the full program – including related smart phone games at

What’s in the Program?

What's in the program

Developed with input from labor, trainers, researchers, and contractors, including ones identified by ICE, Best Built Plans includes:

  • A Site Planning Tool that includes planning and training materials to use at each project stage:  questions to consider; pre-set spreadsheets, material weights, storage and lifting options, daily checklists, toolbox talks and supervisor training resources.
  • The interactive Training Resources and Coaching Resources are interactive and designed to introduce equipment, work practices, and exercises to reduce the risk for injury.  They can be used in a class or you can use them on your own to test your knowledge.   
  • Two free games available on major mobile app stores in Spanish and English. The first game, Lift Coach – Plan Your Lift, focuses on safe lifting and moving practices.  The second game, Plan Your Route, reinforces the importance of planning for how materials will be lifted and moved.  Players will have to make decisions about whether to lift an object alone, use lifting equipment or get help from a co-worker, and will need to make sure there’s a clear path to move the materials.  As a player progresses through the game, the jobsite becomes more complex.