BAC Journal > Canadian Government Invests in Skilled Trades’ Apprenticeship Training

Canadian Government Invests in Skilled Trades’ Apprenticeship Training

2020 Issue 2

To better position itself for an economic recovery, the Canadian government plans to invest $40 million over the next three years in the Union Training and Innovation Program (UTIP). The investment will help ensure that apprentices have the quality training they need to access well-paying jobs. 

The program is open to all eligible unions, who can apply for funding through two streams: 

1. Investments in training equipment that helps union purchase training equipment.

2. Innovation in apprenticeship that supports innovation and broad-based partnerships to address challenges that limit apprenticeship outcomes in Canada. 

Eligible projects will help unions across Canada improve the quality of training and reduce barriers to participation and success in the trades among under-represented groups such as women, newcomers, persons with disabilities and visible minorities, including Black Canadians. 

“As the economy moves toward recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, our industry’s demand for skilled tradespeople remains strong," says BAC Canada Regional Director Craig Strudwick. "About 700,000 skilled trades workers are expected to retire between 2019 and 2028. Meeting these demands will require the recruitment and training of thousands of additional skilled workers.”

Eligible unions can apply for the UTIP funding by Aug. 28, 2020. For more information, visit the Government of Canada website: