BAC Journal > COVID-19: Masonry r2p Partnership Helps Contractors Keep Jobs Open, Members Safe

COVID-19: Masonry r2p Partnership Helps Contractors Keep Jobs Open, Members Safe

2020 Issue 3
Safety & Health

CPWR-COVID 19 websiteWhen COVID-19 hit earlier this year, little was known about the disease or how it spreads. While we know more today, new findings continue to emerge. “Since the industry and BAC Members are considered essential, BAC has been working since Day 1 to keep its members safe and contractors informed,” Executive Vice President Jerry Sullivan Jr. said.

The new COVID-19 Exposure Control Planning Tool, which BAC helped develop, is an important element of that mission. The free online tool is designed to help all types of construction employers think through and plan how to protect their employees, prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep job sites open.

Thanks to the support of BAC President Tim Driscoll and NABTU’s leadership, BAC and IMI worked with CPWR-The Center for Construction Research and Training through our Masonry r2p Partnership to develop and launch the planning tool in record time. 

Using the tool to create a COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan involves four steps:

Step 1 — Identify the areas on the job site where employees could be exposed to COVID-19 and the control measures that will be used to prevent exposure.

Step 2 — Decide how employees and visitors will be screened, and how workers who show symptoms and those who may have been exposed will be handled.

Step 3 — Since training is a critical for a safe workforce, identify who will be trained, how and when the training will be provided, and what will be covered.

Step 4 — Complete the plan, including information on who will be responsible for implementing the plan.

The planning tool is closely aligned with the CPWR COVID-19 Construction Clearinghouse released in May. This Clearinghouse includes the latest information on the diseases, state and federal requirements, training resources, and examples of how unions, contractors and workers are joining forces to solve exposure challenges. (Watch the COVID-19 webinar: "Safety in Action — An Example from the Job Site" to learn about Local 1 OR/WA/ID/MT’s efforts:

The new planning tool continues to evolve. If you have questions or ideas to improve it, email