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Labor-Endorsed Candidates Win Big Across the Country

2017 Issue 4
Legislative & Political


Off year elections this November saw labor-backed candidates cruise to victory in a number of states. Voters strongly rejected the Trump-Pence agenda by electing labor-endorsed candidates across the country, including Governorships in both New Jersey and Virginia, and impressive gains in House races at the state level. Labor’s agenda is moving forward with elected officials who are committed to the values of working families. The results of these 2017 elections, and the hard work of those BAC Local unions to achieve that result, lay the groundwork for the labor movement to make further gains in next year’s mid-term elections.

From left, New Jersey Senate President and Ironworkers General Vice President Steve Sweeney, BAC Director of New Jersey Administrative District Council Rich Tolson, and Governor-elect of New Jersey Phil Murphy on Election Day. 

In New Jersey, Democrats flipped the governor’s seat from red to blue by electing labor-backed candidates Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver. In Virginia, Ralph Northam is the Governor-elect, Justin Fairfax is Lieutenant Governor-elect, and Mark Herring was re-elected Attorney General. Democrats flipped 16 House of Delegate seats with another going into a recount which could see the VA House of Delegates flip from red to blue. In New York, voters rejected the Constitutional Convention proposal, known as Proposition One, the idea of holding a convention to overhaul New York’s Constitution. Thanks to the efforts made by the organized labor, this tremendous victory made sure that worker protections are preserved in the Constitution.

Other major wins were reported up and down the ballot in Oklahoma, Georgia, New Hampshire, Washington, and Florida.