BAC Journal > President's Message: Success is Where Preparation and Opportunity Meet

President's Message: Success is Where Preparation and Opportunity Meet

2021 Issue 2

As we enter summer the promise of coordinated vaccine delivery programs across both our countries and the subsequent improving economic conditions provide reason for optimism.  Over 50% of Americans and more than 60% of Canadians have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.  And on the work front the American Institute of Architects reports that design firms are experiencing their strongest growth in over a decade.  Consequently, the work outlook for the coming years is positive. 

Of course, progress is never inevitable.  We must continue to follow best practices for combatting the Covid-19 virus in its various forms.  On that front BAC is engaged in print, social media, and online campaigns to ensure that accurate and timely information is available to BAC members so that they can make informed healthcare decisions. (p 22-23)

While on the work front BAC must be prepared to capture the work opportunities that will flow from a resurgent economy as we emerge from the pandemic.  That will mean continuing our efforts to remain the premier source for  trained and skilled trowel trades craftworkers across North America.  BAC members recognize that training and learning their craft is a lifelong commitment in an evolving construction industry. (p.17)

We also have an obligation to organize the un-organized.  That applies to both workers and contractors engaged in our industry.   BAC must demonstrate the benefits of union membership and union craftsmanship to those outside the union.  And there is no better spokesperson or example of those benefits than you, the BAC craftworker.  I encourage all members to assist their local unions in their efforts to grow our membership and our market share.  Whether it is mentoring a young apprentice, welcoming newly organized members, or participating in local campaigns your involvement and your voice are critical to our success.  

BAC must be actively engaged in our communities as well, prepared to work with those elected officials dedicated to furthering the interests of working people, and opposing those that seek to diminish the rights of union labor.  Recently, the members and officers of BAC Local 3 MA/NH/ME/RI did just that and successfully fought an effort in New Hampshire to enact so called “Right to Work” (RTW) legislation. (pg )  While our attention at the national level now turns to fighting for a robust infrastructure plan that will help rebuild the roads, schools, airports, public housing, transit systems, hospitals and more that enable our communities to flourish. (pg )

The improving health conditions across both our countries and the subsequent economic upturn provides reason for optimism, but it will be those prepared to meet the demands of a surging construction industry that will reap the benefits of this recovery.  Our Union will engage all its resources to ensure that BAC members are at the forefront of this resurgence.

Stay healthy and stay safe brothers and sisters!