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When Should I Apply for International Pension Fund Retirement Benefits?

2018 Issue 1
International Funds


The Fund office receives many requests from members who wish to apply for pension benefits. The following information summarizes Plan Rules for both the U.S. and Canada Plan participants. Answers to these and other frequently asked questions can be found in the 2016 IPF/IHF Annual Report and on-line at

You should apply for benefits (normal or early) at least two months in advance of the date you want your pension benefits to begin. The earliest benefits can be paid is the first day of the following month after IPF has received a completed pension application. You must complete and submit a pension application for normal, early or disability benefits to the Fund office in order to apply for any IPF plan benefit. To be considered retired, you must separate from employment for the entire month your pension begins. 

Disability retirement applicants over age 55 experiencing delays with the Social Security Administration or Canada Pension may apply for IPF early retirement while waiting for government disability approval. You can get application forms for IPF benefits from your Local Union, or by writing to IPF at the address listed on the back cover of the BAC Journal or visiting our website at

Watch for the IPF Retirement Blueprint 

As shown on the chart below, hours for the IPF increased by 1/10 of 1% during 2017 as compared to 2016, totaling 54.7 million hours. Further information on the IPF will be provided at the end of April when the Annual Funding Notice which is included with the Spring IPF Retirement Blueprint, will be mailed and sent through the Member Portal. 

Hours Reported to the IPF

IPF Reported Hours