Chalkline NewsLetter

Ways to Contact the International Pension Fund Office

2022 Issue 1

contact usAs the International Pension Fund (IPF) continues to balance operational needs while keeping the health and safety of staff paramount, many of IPF staff continue to work a hybrid schedule of remote days during the week. During this time, the IPF encourage you and your members to contact the Funds via the following email addresses. These emails are monitored by a number of office staff including IPF Executive Director David Stupar and Deputy Director Michael Shelton.

To reach the International Pension Funds, please use the email addresses below:

  • File a pension application
  • Updates to the status of applications that have been filed 
  • Provide information/documentation that is required to complete the processing of the application

  • Request a formal estimate of IPF retirement benefits
  • Request a list of hours reported on their behalf by participating employers
  • Request an application for retirement  
  • Pre-retirement death/survivor benefits inquiries 
  • Any pre-retirement inquiries

  • Request pension verification or award letter
  • Request or submit a Direct Deposit form
  • Report the death of a pensioner
  • Request a copy of a 1099-R form or T-4A form (Canada)
  • Inquire regarding the option chosen at retirement and benefit amount

To contact the BACSave International Retirement Savings Plan (Annuity) or 401k Plan can email:

  • Request an application for withdrawal 
  • File an application for withdrawal
  • Provide information to complete the application process 

You can also contact the Fund office via the toll-free number at 1-888-880-8222. Should you have any questions, please contact me at the Fund office.