Below is list of frequently asked questions. You can also find answers by choosing a category of your questions. 

Does BAC offer any scholarships to children or grandchildren of members?

The International Union has two scholarship programs: the U.S. Bates Scholarship and the Canadian Bates Scholarship. These scholarships are open to children of BAC members (in good standing) of U.S. and Canadian BAC Locals, respectively. Grandchildren are not eligible for these scholarships. The requirements differ for each program.

Please visit the U.S. Bates Scholarship Program for further information.

Please visit the Canadian Bates Scholarship Program for further information.

Why haven’t I been receiving the BAC Journal?

If you recently changed your address we may not have your updated contact information. Please be sure to double check your address and update it if necessary via the BAC Member Portal or by speaking with the Membership Records Department at 1-888-880-8222. The BAC Journal is published on a quarterly basis.

Is there any work available in my area?

You can check for available work using the BAC Job Network, which is available via the Member Portal. The BAC Job Network is a bulletin board-style system that allows Locals and ADCs to post job opportunities when there is a lack of craftworkers in their respective areas. Each job posting includes information about the project location, what type of craftworker (e.g. bricklayer, tile setter, etc.) or specialty (e.g. refractory) is needed, how many craftworkers are needed, the total wage and benefit package, whether or not travel pay or a per diem will be provided, and the contact information for the area BAC representative.

Please visit https://member.bacweb.org/ to sign up for the BAC Member Portal.

Why and how do I pay my union dues?

Every active BAC member is required to pay dues as outlined in the Union's Constitution. These funds are used by your Local and the International Union to negotiate with employers for better wages, working conditions, and benefits for BAC members. Dues are also used to represent members on the job, to defend those who have been treated unfairly, to develop member programs and services, and to strengthen the unionized masonry-trowel trades industry. 

Please contact your BAC Local Union or BAC Administrative District Council (ADC) to pay your dues. If you do not know the phone number for your Local or ADC, please call the IU toll-free at 1-888-880-8222. You may also visit the Locals contact page for a list of Local/ADC websites.