Below is list of frequently asked questions. You can also find answers by choosing a category of your questions. 

Why should I join the BAC?

As a worker, you have a federally guaranteed right to form or join a union, and bargain collectively with your employer. BAC Local Union/Administrative District Council (ADC) officers and staff are the representatives of the Union who help workers deal with unfair treatment, discrimination and other workplace issues. This helps balance the power that an employer has over individual employees.

Belonging to a union gives you rights under the law that you do not have as an individual. Once you have formed a union, your employer must bargain with your union over your wages, benefits, hours and working conditions. As a result, union workers, on average, earn higher wages and get more benefits than workers who don’t have a voice on the job.

Does it cost anything to join?

Membership costs vary by Local. Please contact the Local in your area.

I used to be a member but haven’t been active in the union for several years. How do I rejoin?

Please contact your former BAC Local Union or Administrative District Council (ADC) to rejoin the union. If you have moved to a new area or need the Local/ADC’s phone number, please contact the International Union toll-free at 1-888-880-8222. 

I live outside of the U.S./Canada. Will the union sponsor me to come to the U.S. or Canada to work?

Thanks for your interest in BAC, however we cannot provide immigration assistance since we are not an employer.

What’s the cost for training? Where do I go for training?

Training is available at no cost to BAC members through the International Masonry Institute (IMI). The training programs are jointly funded by labor and management through collectively bargained contributions. The John J. Flynn BAC/IMI International Training Center is located in Bowie, MD, however, there are training centers located throughout the U.S. For more information, please visit http://imiweb.org/.

Do you have any apprenticeships in my area?

Please find your Local contact here.

How do I join your union?

Thanks for your interest in BAC. Please complete the Join BAC form and we’ll provide you with further information, as well as contact information to the BAC Local Union nearest you. The Local Union will assist with the membership process.