Press Release

Sullivan to be Named Secretary-Treasurer of Bricklayers Union as Arnold Announces Retirement

[Washington, D.C.] December 22, 2022 -- Robert E. Arnold, Secretary-Treasurer of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC), will retire effective December 31, 2022, after serving three years as International Union Secretary-Treasurer. 

Prior to joining the BAC Executive Board, Arnold served as the National Director of Apprenticeship and Training for the International Masonry Training and Education Foundation for eight years, and before that, as Director of the Illinois District Council Training Center. He is a proud member of BAC Local 21 Illinois, and will be retiring to the Chicago area, where he began his career as a bricklayer in 1978.  

“As Secretary-Treasurer, Bob’s responsive and commonsense approach has been essential to our ability to continue to deliver the critical services that our members rely upon,” said BAC President Timothy Driscoll. “His sound reasoning and steadfast nature throughout the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, which began almost immediately after he took office, has been invaluable. On behalf of our Union, I thank Bob for his decades of service to BAC and wish him and his wife, Linda, a long, healthy, and happy retirement.”

The International Union’s Constitution provides that, in the event of a vacancy in the office of Secretary-Treasurer, the President shall appoint a successor to fulfill the remainder of the term. Driscoll is pleased to announce that he is appointing Executive Vice President Jeremiah Sullivan, Jr., to fulfill the remainder of Arnold’s term, effective January 1, 2023.    

Since joining the BAC Executive Board in 2020, Sullivan has overseen numerous programs including the International Union’s critical functions of benefits administration, collective bargaining, safety, and government relations. Before joining the International Union Executive Board, Sullivan served as President of Local 1 New York for ten years, and as Secretary-Treasurer for the prior thirteen years. He also served as Chair of the New York City Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee and Executive Board member of the New York City and New York State Building and Construction Trades Councils. 

On the International Union level, Sullivan served for over a decade on the IU Executive Council as Regional Vice President and as Trustee on the Board of the International Masonry Institute, among other positions. He joined the BAC in 1981 as an apprentice bricklayer. 

“Jerry is a creative and determined trade unionist,” Driscoll said. “He came to the IU Executive Board with a tremendous breadth and depth of experience, and his service since then has proven him to be a passionate and stalwart leader for all BAC members across the International Union. I am confident that he is the right leader to help our Executive Board steer BAC through the coming years.” 

Driscoll is also pleased to announce that he will appoint Keith Hocevar, Assistant to the President, to serve as International Executive Vice President to fulfill the remainder of Jerry Sullivan’s term, effective January 1, 2023.

Hocevar, a 25-year member of BAC, joined the International Union staff in 2015 as a Regional Representative and advanced to Regional Director for the BAC North Central Region in 2017. Hocevar previously served as an Executive Vice President of the BAC Ohio Kentucky Administrative District Council and Field Representative for BAC Local 16 Ohio. 

“Keith has proven to be a smart and strategic leader with tremendous energy,” said Driscoll. “I look forward to working closely with him to continue to strengthen this Union for future generations of BAC craftworkers.”